3 Tips To Building A New Website

building your first website?

          Not wanting to pay someone a bunch of money to make the website for you? Have you been looking and researching and looking and researching trying to find the best way to invest your time so it’s not wasted? Let me help make the decision easier for you. I will walk you through the entire process of where to start when building a website and get you to a great starting point for you and your creativity.

          First things first, you need a hosting provider. This is the company you will be paying to keep your website and its resources on the web and available to everyone at any given time. It’s a mandatory step unless you are more tech-savvy and have your own server at home. Here is a list of a few different options for you to take a look at along with links to the provider and my personal recommendation.

     I am wanting this process to be the easiest one possible because this could be a very long-drawn-out process just researching all your available options. Please do not use those “Free Website Builders”, you know which ones I am talking about. While they may seem like a good option, they allow no customization or changes to certain aspects of your website which you will regret down the road when you learn more. One last thing, some of these links are affiliate links which means if you purchase through the link I will receive a small commission from that which will help me keep bringing content to you as well as being able to help you in certain circumstances free of charge. Now lets get started!

What to look for in a good hosting provider:

Website Uptime – Any website can list a “99.99% Uptime”. That’s not something to gloat about. When choosing hosting, make sure to read reviews and see what other people are saying. Make sure to read the bad comments along with the good ones. That’s the best way to find the areas of trouble with the providers.

Website Speed – Have you been to a website that took more than 3 seconds to load? What did you do? You probably just hit the back button and decided to pursue an alternative source for your inquiry. Site speed is a very important aspect of your website because a slow website will cause you to not only lose readers, but you risk a lower rank on search engines like google.

Customer Service – You need to find someone who will be there for you when things hit the fan. If your website goes down for whatever reason you should be able to contact your hosting provider and get assistance from them to bring the website back online (as long as it is a server-side issue). Make sure you choose a hosting provider that does some sort of automatic backups in case you need to restore your website to a previous state.

Step 1: Finding Reliable Hosting:


     If you are new to building a website, I  suggest choosing a managed hosting provider which is what I will provide below. Without diving too deep into the technicalities of each provider, here are my top 5 picks for Managed Hosting Providers in no particular order.

1) Flywheel: This provider has a well rounded but slightly more expensive option for almost anyone. They offer services for those just wanting one website as well as freelancers wanting to build many websites. One thing to note is they only support websites built on WordPress. They have a great Starter Plan you can check out that should give you everything you need when building a new website. They give you a free SSL certificate when you purchase hosting with them. Their customer service is Top Notch and always available! I actually hosted my first website with them and have not had any problems.

2) SiteGround: This is personally my recommendation for someone just starting out. Unlike Flywheel, SiteGround offers hosting for a lot of different platforms, not only WordPress. They have an area to install whichever site builder you are comfortable with as well as the most popular, WordPress. It is one of the most popular providers and is trusted by industry expert Syed Balkhi. I have used their C-panel and it is actually pretty simple to navigate and have used this service for a couple of my clients. They offer a free SSL certificate as well as SSD drives on all plans.

Web Hosting

3) WPengine: This is another WordPress provider. They have great plans and offer everything you could possibly need from starting a website to the growth of it. There would be no need to change hosting providers if your website becomes the next big authority site out there. If you want to try it out and get your First 3 Months Free click here.If you want to know the difference between WPengine and others you can find more detailed information here.

4) Bluehost: This would be one of your cheaper options if you’re looking for a way to start a website with a low overhead cost. They offer you one Free Domain registration for one year, Free SSL certificate as well as a low price starting at about $2.95 a month! They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. They have daily backup options as well as real-time analytics report. A great option for beginners.

5) Host Gator: This another good provider similar to Bluehost with the options they offer. The only reason I would choose Bluehost over Host Gator is that Host Gator increases its price when you go to renew. Their starting price is $2.45 a month and has a 45-day money-back guarantee! I am not saying don’t choose Host Gator, they are a great hosting provider with a proven track record, I am just giving you my opinion compared to other options. They do offer your Free SSL here as well which is required to accept payments on your website. They offer hosting with popular tools such as Joomla, Drupal, Magneto and of coarse, one of the most popular, WordPress. As an added bonus, they also offer you FREE $100 in Google Adwords and Bing Ads with its Hatching Plan which is great for beginners as well.

Step 2: Installing WordPress:


     If you are unsure how to install WordPress and do all the technical aspects of building a new website then I suggest going with Siteground or Bluehost. You can purchase your Domain Name through either one of those and bundle it with your hosting plan. Once you purchase your plan you will be taken to whats called the C-panel of your hosting provider. From there you will find a link for installing WordPress, click the link and it will install with one click using most providers.

*(If you have any questions or get stuck I don’t mind helping you out, just leave a comment and I will reach out to you or you may contact me here).

Step 3: Building Your New Website:


     Here’s the most exciting part for almost everyone out there wanting to build their first website. This is where you need to decide on the theme you’re going to use in order to build out your website. Now if you have never built a website before then I will throw out a few suggestions for you to help guide you in the right direction or at least a place to start.

  • Divi by Elegant Themes: is a GREAT page builder for people just getting into this. Divi currently comes with 110+ pre-made websites and over 880 pre-made templates to help you get started. That’s an entire website pre-built for you! It is a great tool for beginners and has a relatively small learning curve. Because of all the tools and options Divi offers you to create an amazing website, Divi has a price of $89/year for Unlimited Websites but also has a lifetime license you can purchase if you think this is something you will be doing for a long time. The Lifetime License has a price of $249 but is a ONE TIME PAYMENT and let me tell you, its way more than worth it, especially if you plan on making this a full-time thing.

     The possibilities are endless when it comes to building with Divi. Want to add CSS to the website? Not a problem, they make it very simple to do that. You will receive the Xtra Theme which is great for magazines and blogs, Monarch which is great for social media sharing as well as Bloom Opt-In which is such a great email capture plugin with tons of uses and design options. I will go into much more detail about everything that you get with Divi in an upcoming blog. Elegant Themes are coming out with a new update this month(10/2019) that will be one of the biggest updates since the Visual Builder. They also have a way to “Test Drive” Divi to get an idea of how it works. Try it out Here!

  • Elementor: This is another great page builder that has a relatively small learning curve for beginners. They offer you the basic version of Elementor for FREE! However, the free version does not have very many features. You can definitely build a functional and beautiful website using this free page builder but just remember, once you start diving deeper into building your website out you might be disappointed when you have to pay to get all the features you are wanting. Elementor Pro has a price of $49 for a year for one website, $99/year for 3 websites and $199/year for 1,000 websites. Elementor has No Lifetime License anymore unfortunately but is still a great option.

     I will say that Elementor has some features that Divi doesn’t have, but that can go both ways. Both Elementor and Divi are competitors so when looking at the features you will see that one offers things the other wont have but whatever your choice, you will be happy either way. It is all about personal preference so here is a link to a video discussing the two Page Builders compared.

*(If you have any questions or get stuck I don’t mind helping you out, just leave a comment and I will reach out to you or you may contact me here).

What Now?

     Once you’ve decided on your Hosting Provider and Page Builder you are probably going to be sitting there trying to figure out how to do certain things like designing a template so it doesn’t look cookie-cutter, changing permalinks, etc. At this point, it starts to get a lot more confusing. I don’t mind dedicating some of my time in assisting you with the basics like things such as your permalink structure and static home page. Now I can’t walk you through the entire process but if you are stuck I will do my best to help.

     If you decide you just want someone else to make the site for you at this point I can help with that also. My rates are very reasonable, especially considering the fact you’ve already set up your hosting and have chosen your page builder. Unfortunately, I only work with Divi for personal reasons and have learned how to work with it rather well so I’m sure I can help you get your blog started.

     I hope I have helped you and saved you a little bit of time in researching all of this on your own. The process is rather simple once you’ve done it a few times so don’t be discouraged, you will learn how to do it better. If you need help with WordPress plugins, settings or anything else feel free to reach out.

     One more thing before you go, if you want to learn a more detailed way to build a blogging website or want to pursue niche websiites for passive income go check out incomeschool.com/project24. There you can sign up for their course and learn in much more detail. I myself am enrolling in this course. Just go check it out and see if you think it could benefit you. I already know the answer to that by the way.

Have a great day and I wish you the best in all you do!